Monday, June 12, 2006

The "Judgement" Gets Sillier

The Judgement in Paris belongs to the same reality show genre as tv's Iron Chef--highly entertaining, but short in meaning. Is Batali better than Flay? Flay better than Morimoto? Quite meaningless, isn't it? It's a show, not a contest.

Yet, the U.S. House of Representatives, three years after issuing its bizarre "freedom fries" resolution, passed another resolution last week that purports to honor the "victory" of U.S. winemakers, but is obviously another attempt to bash France and very little to do with wine. This silliness is a total waste of taxpayers' dollars.

The resolution's title is "Recognizing the 30th Anniversary of the Victory of United States Winemakers at the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting" and it was sponsored by California Democrat, MIke Thompson, who lives in Napa and is also a California grape grower.

So there's the real rub. And you think that our politicians are fighting against special interests!

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