Monday, June 5, 2006

Bordeaux 2005 Futures' Medoc Releases Validate High Prices

Last week's releases saw the 2005 Bordeaux Futures campaign kicked it up another notch with a slew of high-profile, prestigious Medoc chateaux offering their wines. Two of the most noteworthy releases were Gruaud-Larose and Sociando-Mallet.

The significanlty higher en primeur prices for both wines validate the expected premium pricing for this 2005 vintage. Gruaud-Larose is the first second growth to release and its price hover at around $60 a bottle, while Sociando-Mallet was offered at just over $40 a bottle. Despite the higher pricing both offers are selling briskly, especially the latter, an indication that there is good demand for these prestigious, well-praised wines within the $40-$60 price range. Whether buyers are willing to shell out more for the bulk of classed growths yet to be released is a big question mark.

Two of my favorite classed growths also released last week, but sadly I can not recommend them as their en primeur prices are just out of hand. Duhart-Milon and Haut-Bages Liberal are being offered at an unreasonable $35-$40 a bottle. I may pay these prices on actual release, but not for Futures.

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