Saturday, May 27, 2006

California Honors Zinfandel

Sacramento is closer to designating Zinfandel as a historic California wine under a bill approved by the Senate last May 18th. The bill's author is Sen. Carole Migden, D-San Franciso, who represents parts of Sonoma County, home to numerous Zinfandel wine producers. Sadly, it's a dubious, watered-down honor, but it's nevertheless a tribute to California's most classic wine. Sen. Migden's original bill proposed to make Zinfandel the state's official wine, but this was thwarted by producers of other grape varietals. One can say that Zinfandel fell victim to a bunch of sour grapes.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

White Zinfandel in the French Laundry?

Fred Franzia, head of Bronco Wine Co., smarting from his loss to the Napa Valley Vintners that stops him from using his Napa Ridge brand on wines containing less than 75% Napa-grown grapes, issued a blind-tasting challenge to Napa winemakers against a new brand he's creating. He says that if they win he'll buy them dinner anywhere, including the French Laundry. But on one condition, he says, that the winner will drink his white Zinfandel in the French Laundry.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Hermes Family Closing In On Pichon Lalande


One of the most fabled estates of Bordeaux, venerable second-growth, Ch√Ęteau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, is close to being sold to the Hermes family, owners of the famous Parisian fashion house.

Pichon Lalande, as it's commonly called, was established in the late 17th century. Edouard and Louis Mialhe took over the estate in 1925, and in 1978, their daughter, May Eliane de Lencquesaing became proprietress and administrator. Under Madame de Lencquesaing the estate reached new heights and the quality of the grand vin has become second only to the first growths and at times even surpasses them.

Bay Area Foodies Featured in NYT

The popular Bay Area food blog Chez Pim and Daniel Patterson, former chef/owner of defunct Elizabeth Daniel restaurant in San Francisco, were featured in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

Pim's spread was in the special Style issue of the Magazine and showed her and her groupie in various fashionista outfits while amusing themselves with her Thai cooking. Her Kanom Jeen Nam-Prik (Rice Noodles With Spicy Shrimp and Coconut) recipe sounds like a winner and seems perfect with the Riesling and wheat beer that they're sipping.
(photo below from New York Times)
Pim noodles.jpg

Patterson's spread featured cooking up those flavorful meat cuts that we don't usually see in US markets: pig's feet, lamb's neck, and beef cheeks. He says a good local source for these hard-to-find cuts is Golden Gate Meat Company in San Francisco (415-983-7800).

Not bad weekend reads. Altogether Bay Area foodies trimuphed once again.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

In with the News and Out with the Old

Welcome to the new news blog. After much development and tweaking we've finally updated our news blog.


Watch this space for exciting Vineyardgate news!