Wednesday, June 7, 2006

All Bets are Off on 2005 Lascombes

As far as the 2005 Bordeaux en primeur campaign is concerned, the big story of the week so far is the offering of 2nd Growth Margaux, Lascombes, at a whopping price of $80-$90 a bottle! Of course, this is on the strength of widespread critical acclaim for this vintage. With such dizzying price, God forbid what the rest of the other top classed growths would be selling for.

To put the unbelievable pricing in perspective, compare the 2005 futures with the 2004 Lascombes futures, which also received high praise from critics, at just $40 a bottle. Or better yet, with one of the greatest Lascombes ever, the 2000 vintage, which wine critic Clive Coates described as a "Lascombes for the ages", at $50-$60 on retail shelves these days.

My suggestion is simple, skip this offering.

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