Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Reading

(Here's a notable excerpt from one of my summer readings, "The Island of Crimea" by the late Vassily Aksyonov, translated from the Russian by Michael Henry Heim (Aventura 1984))

Uchan-Su waterfall, Crimea (image from Wikipedia uploaded by Amaga)

The two tall elderly gentlemen--one in his usual faded jeans, the other in the latest Parisian designer overalls--found a table in the shade of the trees and ordered the local specialty, water from the nearby waterfall of Uchan-su.

The sun had almost completed its daily arc above the daily carnival of Yalta. It was nearing the dark-blue side of the mountains and Yalta's glistening climatic screens at their crest.

"What do they put in this water?" asked Baxter. "What makes it so lively?"

"Not a thing. It's completely natural."

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