Saturday, August 23, 2014

Japanese Sansho Herb Ale

At the newly opened Oshinae Japanese-American restaurant in Millbrae I knew I was in for something hot and spicy so I came prepared. There isn't a more perfect beverage to go with hot, spicy pork bulgogi than Iwate Kura Beer's Japanese Sansho Herb Ale. Its bright herbal flavors cool down the burn of this home-style bulgogi. To say this beer refreshes is an understatement. It's a lifesaver. I demolished the mound of bulgogi with gusto and minimal distress.

Vineyard Gate is one of the few sources of this unique Japanese craft beer from Iwate Prefecture made by Sekinoichi Shuzo or Iwate Kura Brewery. Only mountain water from Ichinoseki and locally sourced ingredients (except for the hops which are imported from Europe) are used for its beers. This is not a big beer like an IPA, it's more delicate and offers complex herbal and spicy flavors that I find similar to wine. Make sure to try it!

Japanese Herb Ale Sansho, Iwate Kura Beer Sekinoichi Shuzo 11.5 oz. $7.00

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