Saturday, August 2, 2014

Movia Brda Ribolla 2006

Andrew Jefford on today's Weekend FT wrote something nice about Ribolla from Brda like this one from Movia: "the most ancient and most provocatively rewarding of collio's and brda's wines are the golden whites based on the ribolla gialla (or, in slovenian, rebula) variety: they can smell of cheese, fungus, straw or honey, and seem to taste flat and torpid at first. however, then comes a set of compelling aromas and flavours, and great gastronomic aptitude."

if these words don't make you frantically crave for a Brda Ribolla then nothing would.
Movia's Ribolla comes from biodynamically farmed vines that are over 60 years-old. The grapes are vinified with native yeasts, without additives and no sulfites added until bottling. Movia says: "thus the wine has gone through all natural processes and becomes sound and stable naturally, ready to last one lifetime of ours."

The 2006 Movia Brda Ribolla is drinking beautifully, should you decide not to wait a lifetime.

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