Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post-Brunello-Tasting Dinner at Credo SF

As often happens after our tasting events, I invite folks to join me for a convivial dinner at a fun restaurant that would hopefully allow us to open more bottles. Tastings are great for sharpening one's tasting skills and for intellectual stimulation, but wine is best enjoyed on the dinner table, preferably with good conversation.

And so that's what happened the other Friday after our Brunello tasting. A small group headed to Credo in San Francisco, an interesting Italian restaurant serving modern, trattoria-style food in a setting surrounded by walls printed with quotes from famous people. Clearly, the quotes are intended as conversation pieces but they also look like neat graffiti-decor. Frankly, I couldn't think of a better setting for post-Italian-tasting dinner.

One of my favorites on the menu is the pork meatball app, a really tasty polpette in a great sauce.

Because it's not something I always see, I ordered the tortellini with English peas and mushroom. Very good, balanced, creamy flavors that went well with the red wine.

The salad--tuna conserva--and mains--roast half-chicken--we ordered turned out to be delicious as well. Yet, hands down, the winner on the menu that had me thinking of returning asap was the house-made torrone ice cream of pistacchio and frozen honey. This was chunky and rich. Pistacchio happens to be my favorite that's why I ordered it, but my wife gobbled almost the entire serving after I offered her a taste. And so now I'm left with a craving. I need to return to Credo soon.

360 Pine Street (Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA 94104

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