Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cappellano's Barolo

"Vino secondo natura (wine by nature)" Teobaldo Cappellano

If you love Barolo and you run into some from Cappellano, consider yourself fortunate. Cappellano's magnificent Baroli are exceedingly rare, only about 800 cases or so are produced in a year, and almost immediately snapped up by the cultish following of this venerable estate.

The late Teobaldo Cappellano passed away in February 2009 and since then his family's legendary Barolo estate has been run by his son, Augusto. I am pleased to offer the last two vintages of Cappellano Barolo before Teobaldo died: 2007 and 2008 vintages. I tasted both wines again just a few days ago. The 2007 sweeter and velvety, irresistible to drink even now, while the 2008, brooding and structured, its tannins coating my mouth.

Cappellano has held to traditional practices for over a century and its natural winemaking approach had been championed by Teobaldo Cappellano long before the natural winemaking trend became popular in France and the rest of the world. He deemed each vintage great and unique and hated his wines to be scored by wine critics.

Cappellano is in Serralunga d'Alba in the Gabutti cru producing uncompromising, traditional Barolo since 1870. The Barolo Rupestris comes from vines planted in the 1940s grafted on American roostock. Vinified in natural yeasts then aged for over four years in botti, or large casks. It is a beautiful Barolo of superb depth, richness, and length. Comparable in quality to some of the best Baroli but more reasonably priced. Don't miss these rare offerings!

Barolo DOCG Otin Fiorin Rupestris, Cappellano 2007 $82.00 (Click to buy!) 

Barolo DOCG Otin Florin Rupestris, Cappellano 2008 $84.00 (Click to buy!)

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