Thursday, February 13, 2014

One of My Favorite Reds From Arbois

One of my favorite reds from Arbois is that little box of chocolates from Hirsinger. I always take one home with me filled with an assortment of squares that they have that day. I really can't leave Arbois without it. But only one little box, as Hirsinger is about as expensive as vin jaune.

During a recent stop at Hirsinger I encountered the man himself, Chef Edouard Hirsinger, fourth generation head of his family's pâtisserie, in the flesh wearing his MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) tricolor striped collar. He looked jolly, and was happy to shake my hand and to put his arm around my shoulder like a long-time friend. Then, of course, he offered me a sample. Oui, Chef!

Resistance is futile at Hirsinger. A treat for the senses. The colors explode, the scents allure, and my mouth waters. Chocolat vivant!

Being in the center of Arbois the wine capital of Jura, Hirsinger is big on pairing chocolate and wine. Here, Hirsinger recommends Banyuls with their chocolates. Chocolat vivant!

However, Banyuls could be a bit hard to find, so a half-bottle of LBV Port such as from Niepoort is just as excellent with chocolates. And if you still can't find an LBV an overripe California Pinot Noir would do, especially one that I just sipped the other night, a 16% alcohol 2004 Aubert Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir--a special, if not spendy, Valentine's treat.

Hirsinger Chocolatier
38 Place de la Liberté
F-39600 Arbois

A second store location is in Tokyo in The Ginza.

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