Friday, February 7, 2014

In the Raw, J. Brix Petillant Riesling (no sulfite) From Santa Barbara

The sweet house-made tamago was still warm. So with my bottle opener I popped the crown of J. Brix's newly released Santa Barbara Riesling petillant. Out gushed the frothy liquid, like an angry genie kept captive in the bottle too long. The table and the floor tasted it before I did.

I've never drank a Riesling like this--bubbly or still--possessing such raw substance and texture. The color is muddy and opaque from the deposits being shaken. It's undisgorged, unfiltered, and unsulfited. Like milk fresh from the cow, without pasteurization, you get all the flavor. A wine like this might not like traveling too far, nor to be stored too long. 17 cases were made. It's only sold in California and J. Brix has sold out anyway. Every bottle is now out there, released to an unsuspecting public.

Santa Barbara County White Wine Sparkling Riesling "Cobolorum", J. Brix 2013

"the Goblin can be so mischievous - handle with care! More shall indeed be made this year." J. Brix

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