Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hard Cider From Sonoma Apples: Tastes Great, Less Filling

Fall ushers in cold winds, rain, sleet, and hard apple cider. While the weather outside gets nastier, I'm inside a restaurant enjoying a steaming plate of lobster and sipping really good hard apple cider that just arrived in the store.

Troy Carter and Tony Coturri of Coturri Winery together produce a hard apple cider from organic Sonoma apples. It is made at the Coturri Winery in Glen Ellen, Sonoma, using only ambient yeasts for fermentation and without the addition of sulfites.

The latest batch of Troy Cider produced 22 barrels. I'm drinking from a 500ml bottle that came out of Barrel 12. It is delicious. Thirst-quenching. Refreshing my palate after each bite of lobster. This plate of lobster had no chance. Next up is a wok-fried whole Dungeness crab.

After dinner I browsed through Troy Carter's Motorcycle Wineries blog and found this encouraging passage:

I could go on for pages summarizing research at the edge of scientific knowledge of probiotic diets, but instead, I have just one recommendation.
Drink more cider.
Our cider is alive. It has god-only-knows-how-many strains of wild yeast, bacteria and other goodies that make me feel great. That bottom 1/8″ of sediment at the bottom of the bottle? The healthiest sludge ever. Most beverages these days are sterile, dead sugar bombs that is simply artificial industrial homogeneity. So enjoy our booze as wonderfully natural medicine, as an authentically healthy ritual that nourishes your body and makes you smile.

Troy Hard Apple Cider H. Coturri and Sons NV 500ml

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