Monday, December 2, 2013

Frank Cornelissen 2012 Munjebel Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the Holidays

Based in Sicily's Mount Etna, Frank Cornelissen is known worldwide for his unique wines made in an uncompromisingly natural and artisanal method. Mount Etna is one of the most difficult places in the world to produce wine because of the harsh conditions. Cornelissen succeeds because of his dedication and unique approach.

Cornelissen produces not just wine but also extra virgin olive oil from the few olive trees grown in his estate. His wines are difficult to find but his oils are even rare because of the tiny quantities produced.

A mere 199 bottles in 375ml size were produced from the 2012 harvest for the Munjebel Olive Oil. You can easily imagine that it took no time for Cornelissen's US importer to sell out of these oils, especially because less than 40 bottles were made available to the West Coast! I'm very pleased to offer you our tiny allocation of these delicious, one-of-a-kind extra virgin olive oil from Mount Etna. This very special Mount Etna Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a wonderful treat for the holidays and would make special holiday gifts.

I found that drizzling Cornelissen's Munjebel Olive Oil on lentil salad is a joyous experience. Give it a try.

Sicily Mount Etna Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Munjebel", Az. Agr. Frank Cornelissen 2012 375ml

"For our olive oils, we apply the same high quality standards as for our wines. We farm without any treatments and use of chemicals whatsoever in order not to alter the nature of our environment and the fruit we harvest. For our Munjebel oil, select only the precious varietals  such as Benedetto, Carolea or Frantoiano, producing fruit of great elegance and sapidity. As every year has a different character as well as growing difficulties, we pick the best and most expressive of our olive groves (contradas). We pick the olives manually in various passages, de-selecting in the olive groves, in order to take home only ripe fruit that is undamaged. The same day, the olives are being brought to the press where they are gently crushed under big stone mills. After this crushing, the paste is put on our exclusive estate mats and then vertically pressed. After this cold extraction, the olive oil is then left to settle for a minimum of 2 months before being bottled, unfiltered. This 'liquid gold' carries the name Munjebel for its strong territorial identity: the volcano Etna!" Frank Cornelissen

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