Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gamay of the Purest Quality

Henry Marionnet has long been regarded as the best producer of Gamay wines in the Loire. He firmly believes that Gamay grows best in the Touraine. He replanted the Gamay vines in his estate in 1967 using selection massale. Situated at the highest elevation in the Touraine, the vineyard, with its clay, flinty soils, has the perfect terroir and microclimate for Gamay.

Marionnet farms organically and allows grass to grow as cover crop to control the vigor of the vines. He always picks late and at maximum ripeness using small baskets to bring in the fruit. He always vinify with natural yeasts and does not chaptalize or apply sulphites or other additives in the winemaking. Only minimal sulphites are added during bottling. However, in the case of one wine, the Première Vendange, there is no addition of sulphites at all!

Henry Marionnet's 2011 Première Vendange is 100% Gamay from selection massale vines planted in 1967 and 1968. It is a tribute to the first wines made by Man and so is completely natural. No sulphites or any additives were added during vinification and bottling. The wine was vinified using only natural yeast and was not chaptalized. Only a light filtration was done before bottling.

Elegant and charmingly fruity. The purity and transparencey of flavors taste absolutely refreshing!

Touraine Rouge "Premiere Vendange", Henry Marionnnet (Domaine de la Charmoise) 2011 $20.00 (click to buy!)

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