Sunday, June 2, 2013

Falanghina That Transcends Falanghina

I was having dinner with Dominic Nocerino, owner of Vinifera Imports last month. He's the pioneering Italian wine importer who helped put Angelo Gaja, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Valdicava, Fontodi, and Felsina on the map in the US. He has many of their wines in his own cellar, including numerous large formats, which he loves to collect. In fact we were drinking some of these wines over dinner. But his eyes lit up only when a bottle of 2010 Falanghina from I Pentri was opened. He said, "wow, what a treat! This wine is like a Montrachet!"

He was not exaggerating. I Pentri's "Flora" Falanghina is like no other Falanghina. It has the deep golden color, unctuous texture, and rich flavors of high class white Burgundy. To boot, the 2010 I Pentri "Flora" is the most highly praised Falanghina ever, with Wine Advocate's wine critic Antonio Galloni going overboard rating it 92 (whatever the heck that means). He says with words I can relate to better: "With the 2010, I Pentri elevates Falanghina to rare heights. Simply put, this is breathtaking juice."

Going back to our dinner, I was in rapture with Dominic drinking the I Pentri Falanghina with bites of Carciofi alla Romana. We started drinking the other bottles but that Falanghina was still in my mind.

Beneventano IGT Falanghina "Flora", Az. Agr. I Pentri 2010 $20.00

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