Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Happens When Burgundians Make Grenache From the Rhone?

Rhone from Burgundy? Yes, that's right. Burgundy producers Jean-Pascal Sarnin and Jean-Marie Berrux apparently love wines from the Rhone that they decided to bring up organically grown Grenache grapes from Ardèche to the Cote d'Or! One is not supposed to do this, otherwise worlds collide and the AOC doesn't like that. But they did it anyway.

The fruit came from Gérald and Jocelyne Oustric of the highly regarded Domaine Le Mazel. Sarnin and Berrux vinified the grapes at their winery in Monthelie, as usual with natural yeasts, no additives and no added sulphites, except for a small dose at bottling. The result is as brilliant as any of their highly touted Burgundies. Yet there's a fun factor, too: the fact that you're drinking great Grenache made in Burgundy!

Vin de France "Les Muriers 2", Sarnin-Berrux 2012 $27.00 (order here)

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