Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sherry Vinegars of Sanchez Romate: I would drizzle this on chicharon

Aged for 3 years, the Solera Reserva Sherry Vinegar of Sanchez Romate from 100% Palomino grapes offers intense pungent vinegar flavors with bright, dried fruit Sherry extracts. The salinity is unmistakable, making this not only dressing for salads but a most deadly flavor enhancer to shellfish and especially to chicharon!

This is super intense and concentrated. Beware of smelling it closely as the powerful aromas might gag you. A drop goes a long way on this. I would put this on meats, especially roast lamb and steaks. Aged for 3 years with 15% Pedro Ximénez and 85% Palomino. The sweet, fruity, caramel layer makes it balsamic-like and tames the sharp acidity of this powerful, concentrated vinegar for the aficionado.

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