Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Savigny of Camus-Bruchon

Today's heart-wrenching news was the violent thunderstorms that hit Beaune and surrounding areas earlier today. First-hand accounts estimated damage of 50%-75% of vineyard crops in Savigny, Beaune, and Pommard.  Flooding and hail combined to ravage much of the vineyards in Cote de Beaune.

Burgundy has been plagued by bad weather during the past few years, as 2012 harvest was one of the lowest on record and 2011 significantly below average. It's certain now that 2013 will be another very small crop, particularly in the hardest hit villages of Savigny, Beaune, Pommard, and Volnay. These calamities make market conditions worse as they come at a time when worldwide demand for Burgundy is peaking resulting in a supply squeeze and soaring prices.

Unfortunately, one of thew sources of affordable top quality Burgundies is Savigny. For those seeking values in Burgundy these days, Savigny has been the brightest spot as the quality has risen to heights that I have not tasted in the past. One producer that best exemplifies this trend is Domaine Camus-Bruchon. No details have surfaced yet about the storm damage to the estate but it's sure to be significant.

2010 Burgundies from Camus-Bruchon are already some of the hardest to find in the market because of the domaine's modest production and the high demand for their wines. Its US importer has long sold out of most of the domaine's 2010s but we still have some bottles in stock.

I don't think any Burgundy producer can surpass Lucien Camus' full range of fine quality 2010 Red Burgundies in terms of value. Anyone who drinks Camus-Bruchon Burgundies would know this. It's not really a surprise, Lucien and his son, Guillaume, achieve this remarkable efficiency every vintage.

I've been an ardent fan of Camus-Bruchon for many years. Their wines are classic Burgundies that every Burgundy fan can afford. Savigny-les-Beaune produces lovely red Burgundies with flattering elegance and charm. Camus-Bruchon's wines are deceptively medium weight and lightly colored, yet they offer intensely concentrated flavors with grip and complexity. Their wines are classic in style, and the 2010 wines of Camus-Bruchon are nothing short of stellar. The expressive quality is paramount and you will taste the differences between the different Savigny vineyards that they produce.

Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Camus-Bruchon 2010 $22.00 (click to buy!)

Savigny-les-Beaune Rouge "Les Pimentiers, Vieilles Vignes", Domaine Camus-Bruchon 2010 $33.00 (click to buy!)

Savigny-les-Beaune Rouge "Aux Grands Liards Vieilles Vignes", Domaine Camus-Bruchon 2010 $36.00 (click to buy!)

Savigny-les-Beaune Rouge Premier Cru Les Gravains, Domaine Camus-Bruchon 2010 $37.00 (click to buy!)

Savigny-les-Beaune Rouge Premier Cru Les Narbantons, Domaine Camus-Bruchon 2010 $41.00 (click to buy!)

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