Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food Crack

I'm blissfully addicted to truffle & salt. Ever since a friend gave me this small jar of truffle & salt for my birthday I got hooked. I put it in most of what I eat now: breakfast eggs, pasta of all sorts, soups, steak, and salads.

During the day I dream about what dish I can devise later that night to sprinkle more of this gastronomic dope. I'm sure there's a gazillion uses for it. I really should have it in my pocket at all times just in case. Try it in buttered popcorn while watching a movie, you'd be amazed. And it's a wonderful thing to sneak into a restaurant, the chef may hate me for it, yet I know he'd want some once he tries it. But no! This precious jar contains so little, not enough to share really.

I wouldn't want to pass my dependency on you, but if you're enough of a food fiend already, Amazon pushes it.

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