Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 Vintage Weather

Source: Chateau Palmer

If weather is the sole indicator of a vintage's quality, then I must say 2009 is looking very good at Chateau Palmer in Margaux!

The above chart shows temps and rainfall over the past 30 days (08-11 to 09-09) in the left bank averaging a mild 22 C (72 F) for most of August with minimal and well-spaced rainfall.

By the time September kicked in, there was a good amount of rainfall that watered the vines, which turned out to be timely as the weather has shifted to a sharp warming trend as harvest begins. Today, temperature hit 29 C (84 F) at 1300H (1pm).

If the warming trend continues temperatures would be higher over the next several days, ensuring good ripening of the Merlot and Cabernet, or so it seems.

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