Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Drink More White Wines!

If anyone should ask me what my two favorite types of wines are, my quick answer would be Riesling and white Burgundy. These are my desert island wines, and they would drink heavenly with the scrumptious seafood nearby.

Jancis Robinson, the foremost wine writer of today, wrote a brilliant piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on the virtues of white wines. She convincingly argues that white wines should be staple: “Most of us are eating lighter foods, much more fish, more vegetables and salads, and more spicy dishes, none of which is a natural partner for the full-bodied, tannic red wines that command so much attention from wine writers and wine lovers. Meanwhile, more and more authorities are recommending white and not red wine with cheese.”

Insecurity, rather than taste, is why people can’t let go of red wine even for a moment. One of the guys in our recent BNO (boys’ night out) tasting of Chardonnays-White Burgundy remarked all those white wines looked “scary” and asked someone to bring a red. Why the insecurity? I think it's simply habit and ignorance.

Drink more white wines! They’re exciting, interesting, and tasty, not to mention, good for the health, especially with the food we love to eat these days.

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